Paying it Forward: Soul 2 Soul (The Experience)

S.O.U.L Literary Magazine has brought me so much joy for so many reasons first and foremost I have connected with some of the most gifted individuals locally and believe it or not globally. With the release of the fifth issue recently I decided to do something a bit different. I wanted to ask the women and men who willingly trust me with their most private thoughts, insecurities, fears and joy. I wanted to know exactly how this experience has impacted their lives if at all. I truly believe what I am creating is my Pay it forward to my fellow writer’s and their gift. Here’s what two of the four women had to say about submitting to a publication like SOUL and what the experience has done for them as authors, writers, and poets. Enjoy reading the responses of Ericka Arthur & Nyikia Nixon!


1.SM: How has writing for a publication like Soul Magazine enhanced your writing abilities?

EA: As a first-time contributor to Soul Magazine, it was an honor to be a part of this ever-evolving movement. I find enhancement in any opportunity to share my work because I’m humbled by every opportunity. It’s a chance to grow.

2. SM: What is the most nerve racking part about submitting your work to a publication like SOUL?

EA: I didn’t find the process nerve-racking at all actually. You made it easy by remaining approachable and clearly communicating both your expectations and deadlines.

3. SM: What does the word SOUL mean to you?

EA: The readied definition I embrace is one I first came across in Watchman Nee’s work. The thought that our soul is combined with our will, intellect, and emotions. I see that as an authentic, beautiful expression of the fullness of self.

4. SM: Is a publication like SOUL necessary? If so, why?

EA: I would certainly say so! It gives voice to established writers and newcomers alike to share the creativity they’ve birthed and skills they’ve honed.

5. SM: Describe your experience writing for SOUL?

EA: Extremely pleasant. One for which I’m extremely grateful to have been selected to participate. Thank you so much!

6. SM: How did you hear about Submitting to SOUL?

EA: I discovered your work when learning more about the other writers who were also featured in the February release of Lisa W. Tetting’s Love Is Color Anthology. There are so many talented writers out there such as yourself! It’s been an honor to connect with and glean from them all.

SM: How has writing for a publication like Soul enhanced your writing abilities?

Nyikia: I would say that writing for Soul Magazine has made me stretch and dig deep with my writing. That has led to my writing abilities to strengthen over time. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone on the subject matter I choose to write about and the vocabulary I want to use.

SM: What is the most nerve racking part about submitting your work to a publication like SOUL?

Nyikia: I always worry that my work isn’t good enough and that won’t people like. My thought is either they won’t like it or they won’t get it. Each time that I get published, those fears become fewer and far between.

SM: Is a publication like SOUL necessary? If so, why?

Nyikia: It’s so necessary! If Soul (or others like it didn’t exist) a lot of really great writers may never be heard. It allows like-minded people an avenue to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and themselves.

SM: Describe your experience writing for SOUL

Nyikia: It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve met some great people and been exposed to some great work. And have been able to share my work as well. It has helped me grow as a writer, poet and artist. The publication has helped me become less fearful to share my work with the world. At one point in time, I was terrified to do so. I definitely have grown more in my poetry since my first poem featured in Soul. Without Soul (and Candis pushing me creatively), I’m not sure where I would be as an artist right now.

SM: How did you hear about Submitting to SOUL?

Nyikia: I become friends with Candis and from there I learned we had a common interest and love of writing. She told me about it, and the rest is history.


It has been my pleasure working with you I am forever grateful that you all continue to push me and help me manifest my dreams THANK U!


S.O.U.L Sistah


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