December 11, 2018 saw the release of my first solo poetry project in some time (Letters to the Brokenhearted) and I couldn’t be more pleased! As I await the arrival of the hardcopy, I am ecstatic to inform you all that on January 15, 2019 the newest issue of SOUL will be released. SOUL SIX will be available via Aside from this being a follow up blog to the last one I’d written, I decided to write to boost my spirits. Although, it is the Holiday season I’m not really feeling too festive for a few reasons

1. I’m uncertain of how well or how poorly I may have done in a Statistics course I was in for my Graduate school studies,

2. Funds are low so Christmas shopping is out for me, and finally,

3. As much as I push and promote my material nothing substantial really ever occurs and causes me to rethink my path. So instead of having a pity party or continuing to vent to friends and certain family I decided to share my feelings with the hope that I encourage someone who may currently feel the same way. As far as the course it was tough but despite that I gave it my all. Also due to my drive and ambition, I have been selected as part of the international honor society to have the opportunity to study in China or Australia in 2019!

As far as Christmas it’s truly about Christ and I must remember that!

Lastly, for all that I feel isn’t happening with my books other things are my social media accounts are gaining momentum and people whom I’ve never met continue to submit their work to me so for those reasons, I’m grateful I wrote this as a reminder to myself and anyone else who may need it progress is a slow process! Keep going.

Happy Holidays,




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